MO-EL MO-FLY 701 anti-insect device

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Discover the efficiency and superior hygiene with the MO-EL MO-FLY 701 anti-insect device, an innovative device that offers you complete protection and control against flying insects in the food environment. 

The main features of the Mo-Fly 701 product:

🏆 Certified according to HACCP and CE standards , this model is the perfect choice to ensure maximum hygiene in places where food is produced or stored. Thus you are sure that your environment remains protected and clean!

💡 Advanced technology : MO-FLY 701 successfully attracts flying insects using ultraviolet rays, then trapping them on special sticky inserts located inside the lamp. The adhesive cartridges are easy to replace, and this unique system allows the monitoring of insects in the room, without the risk of fragmentation or the spread of bacteria. Thus, you can be sure that the captured insects remain in a controlled place and cannot contaminate the environment.

🔒 Extended protection: The MO-FLY 701 device is equipped with two high-performance UV-A fluorescent lamps with a total power of 30 W, covering an area of ​​up to 150 m² (10-12 meters in linear operation). These lamps are protected against damage with a special PMMA cover, thus guaranteeing a long service life.

🌧️ Water and dust resistant: With an IP55 protection rating, this model is resistant to water, moisture and dust, ensuring excellent performance even in difficult conditions. Its attractive design makes it suitable for any type of interior, being able to be harmoniously integrated into various spaces.

🍽️ Ideal for the food industry: MO-FLY 701 is recommended for use in food processing and production areas, restaurants, kitchens, fish shops, grocery stores, manufacturing plants and wherever compliance with HACCP requirements is required.

🇮🇹 Quality Italian product : Discover the superior quality of the Italian product and benefit from effective and hygienic control of flying insects with MO-EL MO-FLY 701. With HACCP, CE and IMQ certificates, you are guaranteed to choose a professional, reliable product and safe for protecting the environment in the food sector.

Keep your food environment protected and safe! Discover the MO-EL MO-FLY 701 now and make sure that unwanted insects do not endanger your products and customers. The perfect device for efficiency and superior hygiene! 

Technical specifications:

  • Degree of protection IP55
  • Dimensions in mm 400*120*155
  • Weight 2.2 kg
  • Power 40
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • Insulation class I
  • Three-pole Schuko plug
  • Master Box 1 PC
  • The lamps have actinic UV-A
  • Lamp life 2000H
  • Light spectrum 365 nm
  • Lamp power 2x15 W
  • Aluminum structure, PMMA lamp protection
  • Accessories: 4 adhesive plates
  • Made in: ITALY

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