Premium electric heater Radialight Aurora TOUCH 1800W

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Electric air heater Aurora TOUCH uses forced ventilation technology , the cold air is absorbed through the back of the device, is heated by the electric resistance, then is removed through the slot in the lower part. Extremely fast heating and low operating costs!

Built-in optical motion detection sensor . If the sensor does not detect the presence of a person for 10 minutes, the device will switch to ECO mode (3.5°C less than the set comfort temperature).
If the sensor does not detect the presence of a person for more than 36 hours, the device will automatically switch to anti-freeze mode (7°C). If the sensor detects someone's presence, for at least 2 minutes, it will turn on and increase the temperature to the comfort level.

Intuitive control panel with Touch Screen and LED display. On/Off switch and LED to confirm operation.

Bar – Integrated towel drying/heating support. 
The support is equipped on the back with 4 hooks to be able to dry several towels.


  • Programmable Timer function - the TOUCH electric air heater can be automatically programmed to reach/maintain the comfort temperature starting from a previously set time. Although the timer function is active, the presence sensor is active to switch the operation to anti-freeze mode (7°C), if it has not detected movement in the room for more than 10 minutes.
  • Anti-freeze function. With just a touch of a button, you can ensure the protection of the installations in your bathroom while you are not at home.
  • The TOUCH electric air heater has an extremely silent operation thanks to the latest generation electric motor and the arrangement of the fan blades.
  • Elegant design, extremely thin - only 11 cm thick. Full dimensions: 50 cm high * 30 cm wide * 11 cm thick.
  • Washable dust filter. The TOUCH electric air heater does not recirculate the dust in your bathroom thanks to the easily removable washable filter. It is recommended to periodically wash this filter.
  • Aurora TOUCH electric air heater - perfect for bathrooms and rooms with high humidity. IP 24 protection against splashing water.
  • Double electrical protection, Class II . Protection against electric shocks, does not require grounding. The TOUCH electric air heater is delivered with a 1m long electric cable, with a plug.
  • Design and production 100% in Italy.
  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY with the possibility of extension by 1 year.
  • The Aurora TOUCH electric air heater heats rooms up to 10 square meters . The heated surface depends on the insulation and the purpose of the room.

Technical specifications

Internal product code


The country



50 cm


30 cm


11 cm


3 kg


1000W + 800W

Electrical protection

IP 24, Protection Class II (does not require grounding)

Built-in power modulator




Built-in thermostat


Possibility of ceiling installation


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