Deluxe anti-insect device MO-EL CRI CRI MOON 3688LED Professional

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The CRI CRI MOON LED anti-insect device is the latest model of the Mo-El Insectivoro models. This innovative device comes with special features that make it particularly effective against mosquitoes, flies, wasps and other unwanted insects.

The special opening angle of the MOON LED device has been designed to overcome the usual limitation found in UV-A traps placed on the ground, where furniture and other surrounding objects can block the light, thus reducing its attraction power. By using the MOON device, the range can be extended up to an impressive maximum of ten meters.


1. Low electricity consumption : Only 9 W, making it an economical and eco-friendly option.

2. Suitable for outdoor use : It benefits from IP34 protection against water and dust, including jets from irrigation systems.

3. Silent operation : Provides a quiet environment, without disturbing daily activities.

4. High efficiency : Thanks to the advanced technology, the capture of insects is achieved successfully.

5. Safe fan : According to the EN 60335-2-80 regulation, it stops automatically in case of accidental contact, thus ensuring maximum safety.

6. Easy to clean : Maintaining and cleaning the MOON LED device is simple and quick.

7. Light Distortion Patent: Attracts a greater number of species, including carabiners, and is specially designed for ground positioning.

8. Automatic closing of the collection drawer : Ensures simple and hygienic use.

9. Long-lasting LEDs : Guarantees a long and efficient operation of the device.

10. High-performance engine with low consumption : Only 6 UV-A LEDs, for optimal efficiency.

11. Range of action : With a length of 7 linear meters, MOON LED covers a generous surface.

12. Made in Italy : Guarantee of superior quality and excellent performance.

13. Washable filter compartment: Ensures a practical and easy use of the device.

14. Smart doors : The moving parts close automatically when the device is turned off. In addition, the inclination of the opening conforms to the flying habits of mosquitoes. These insects usually fly at a height of less than one meter and fifty centimeters. When they encounter a draft, their flight is interrupted, causing them to fall to the ground, where the MOON LED is ready to capture them.

15. Light technology patent: Redirects light emissions beyond the 365 nm peak, thus attracting a greater number of species and increasing the attraction power for flies and mosquitoes.

In conclusion, MOON LED is the perfect choice for effective insect control, offering an impressive combination of high performance, energy saving and increased safety. Investing in this device will bring significant benefits in obtaining a clean, safe environment free of unwanted insects. With MOON LED, you will be able to enjoy comfort and peace in your space, without being affected by the presence of flying insects.

Technical specifications:
  • IP degree of protection IP34
  • On/off switch yes
  • Dimensions in mm 250X251X280
  • Weight 1.27 kg
  • Power 9
  • Power supply 100-240V / 50-60Hz
  • Insulation class II
  • Cable 5 m
  • Lamps with 6 LEDs
  • Lamp life 30,000 hours
  • Light spectrum 365 nm
  • ABS structure
  • Safety switch Yes
  • Motor power 4.5 W
  • Made in: ITALY

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