MO-EL INSECTIVORO 368G Professional anti-insect device

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Launched on the market in the '90s, INSECTIVORO finds its inspiration in the behavior of the natural enemy of flies and mosquitoes: the frog. Easy to install, this device sucks flying insects whenever they pass near the source of attraction. These devices benefit from the attractive power of UV-A lamps or LEDs, with a frequency of 365 nm, as well as an efficient suction system. The fan creates an air depression in the mouth of the product, which sucks the insects that pass in front of it and stores them in the collection system.

This model was specially designed to meet the needs of both commercial activities , such as bars, patisseries, bakeries, shops, ice cream parlors, as well as for domestic use. The anti-insect fan from MO-EL is the effective solution to protect your space from the unpleasant invasion of insects.

The main benefits of the UV Anti-Insect device:

1. The compact and ingenious design allows the device to be used both indoors, in domestic or commercial environments, and outdoors, on terraces, gardens or gazebos. It easily adapts to any environment and integrates discreetly into the decor of each space.

2. Effective elimination: The device does not use electrocution to eliminate insects, but attracts them with the help of a UV lamp. Afterwards, they are vacuumed and collected in a special container, where they are then dried. Thus, you will get rid of the noise caused by the electrocution of insects and the unpleasant odors resulting from their burning. In addition, beneficial insects such as bees can also be released.

3. Safety for you and your family, no toxic substances : With high efficiency, this device uses UV technology to attract insects, eliminating the need to use chemicals. The lamp does not release smoke, sprays or unpleasant odors and does not contain chemicals. Thus, it is completely safe for children and pets , ensuring a healthy living environment and no exposure to harmful substances. In addition, a simple touch with your finger is enough to close it. IMQ confirms that it complies with Regulation EN 60335-2-80.

4. Easy to use : Simply plug the device into an outlet and turn it on. No complicated installation or special technical knowledge is required. You can choose to fix it on the wall, to save space and keep it high, or you can place it on a flat surface, thus adapting it to your needs and preferences.

5. Easy to clean : Thanks to a patent that makes the flaps close with the air flow, the 368G model keeps the captured insects even when it is turned off. The collection drawer is invisible from the outside, but extremely easy to remove. To facilitate emptying the drawer, a second patent causes the collection container to close automatically when removed, allowing the safe disposal of insects or the preservation of useful ones such as bees. This way you can easily clean the dead insects and resume use quickly and effortlessly. You also don't have to worry about dead bugs falling on the floor anymore.

The fan does not crush the insects, but creates an air flow that moves and captures them. Preservation of the insect body allows species identification. Thus, INSECTIVORO also complies with HACCP regulations.

6. Saving Time and Money: The UV Anti-Insect device saves you from the need to constantly purchase sprays or other expensive products against insects. Investing in our device is a long-term solution, saving you money and precious time.

7. Ecological Environment : By using the UV Anti-Insect device, you contribute to protecting the environment. It does not produce polluting emissions and does not generate chemical waste, thus being an eco-friendly option.

8. Italian quality : Produced by MO-EL, a company with tradition and experience in the industry of anti-insect equipment, this fan enjoys superior quality and reliability.

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions - 245 x 220 x 340 mm;
  • Weight - 2.4 kg;
  • Power supply - 230V ~ 50Hz;
  • Consumption - 55 W;
  • Linear range - 14-16 m;
  • Area of ​​use in m2 - 180 m²;
  • Insulation class - II;
  • UV-A lamp - 32 W;
  • Lamp life 2000H
  • Material - PC ABS
  • Place of production - Italy;
  • Engine speed - 1000/1200 rpm;
  • Certificate: CE, IMQ, HACCP;
  • Light spectrum 365 nm
  • ON/OFF safety switch

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