MO-EL MO-BUTTERFLY 700 anti-insect device

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Discover the unmatched efficiency and safety of the MO-EL MO-BUTTERFLY 700 anti-insect device, designed to comply with the strict requirements of HACCP directives and to guarantee maximum protection against flying insects in the food and catering industry.

🔒 Maximum protection of food and your health : Insects are a major threat to food safety and human health because they can carry dangerous pathogens. With the help of the HACCP system, MO-Butterfly 700 becomes a reliable ally in the fight against these dangers, ensuring precise and effective control of flying insects.

💡 Advanced technology : The MO-Butterfly 700 device uses two special UV-A lamps, with a total power of 30 W, which attract insects to the device. Once they get close, they are captured on the adhesive plates on the sides, ensuring their complete removal from the environment.

🍽️ Perfect for the food industry: Made entirely of oxidation-resistant aluminum, the device is suitable for use in environments where food is processed, respecting the highest hygienic standards. Cleaning and replacing the adhesive paper is simple and quick, ensuring easy maintenance of the device.

🛡️ Safety guaranteed: Safety is a priority, so the electrical part and UV-A lamps are completely isolated and protected by an indestructible transparent cover, ensuring protection against dust and water according to the IP65 standard.

📍 Extended Protection: With an effective coverage of 12 linear meters, the MO-Butterfly 700 is made to provide reliable protection in storage areas, restaurants, kitchens, cafeterias and restaurants, thus helping to maintain a safe and hygienic environment in the food industry .

🇮🇹 Italian quality: Discover the Italian technology and superior quality of the MO-EL MO-BUTTERFLY 700 insect repellent, an indispensable partner in ensuring food safety and public health.

Technical specifications:

  • Degree of protection IP55
  • Dimensions in mm 112*435*400
  • Weight 2.5 kg
  • Power 40W
  • Power supply 230V/50Hz
  • Insulation class I
  • Three-pole Schuko plug
  • The lamps have actinic UV-A
  • Lamp life 2000H
  • Light spectrum 365 nm
  • Lamp power 2x15 W
  • Aluminum structure, PMMA lamp protection
  • Double surfaces of superior quality adhesive paper, produced with harmless substances, HACCP approved in accordance with regulation (CE) no. 1907/2006.
  • Material: Aluminum, washable with water and detergents,
  • Anti-crushing protected lamps.
  • Accessories: 4 adhesive plates, ceiling mounting system (metal chains)
  • Made in: ITALY

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