MO-EL MO-STICK 398W insect repellent device

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Discover the efficiency and superior hygiene with the MO-EL MO-STICK 398W insect repellent, an innovative device that offers you complete protection and control against flying insects in the food environment! 

🛡️ Guaranteed safety: Complying with CE standards and IMQ approved, the MO-STICK 398W device meets the strict requirements of HACCP regulations for food processing. Thus, you can be confident that the device will provide a safe and effective pest control solution without compromising the integrity of food products.

💡 Advanced technology: With a powerful 20W UV-A lamp, MO-STICK 398W ensures an effective attraction for insects, covering a radius of approximately 5 linear meters.

🔒 Maximum protection: With the frequency of UV-A light emissions between 300 and 400 nm and a peak of 365 nm, the MO-EL MO-STICK 398W device effectively attracts the main pests that can infest the food environment, then catching them on special sticky inserts placed inside the lamp. The front opens easily to allow inspection and replacement of the adhesive paper sheet. Monitors insects in the room without the risk of fragmentation or spreading bacteria!

🏢 Ergonomic and durable design: Encased in an AISI 304 stainless steel outer casing with a thickness of 1.2 mm, the MO-STICK 398W is durable and resistant over time. The adhesive plate is easily replaceable, thus facilitating a quick and simple cleaning of the device.

It is easy to install, economical and discreet.

🍽️ Suitable for the food industry: The MO-EL MO-STICK 398W product is the ideal choice to effectively eliminate unwanted insects from your food processing and production space, complying with all professional requirements and HACCP norms.

📐 Compact and versatile: The 398W version was created to meet the requirements of a small space, offering the same attraction and capture system as other Mo-El products. With smaller dimensions, the device is made of painted iron to blend harmoniously into any environment.

Keep your food environment clean and protected! Discover the MO-EL MO-STICK 398W now and benefit from guaranteed efficiency and safety in insect control, while giving you an aesthetic and professional look for your workspace. Be prepared to provide the best hygiene and safety conditions for your products!

Technical specifications:

  • Dimensions in mm 400*150*270
  • Weight 2.9 kg
  • Power 20W
  • Power supply 220-240V/ 50Hz
  • Insulation class II
  • Cable For permanent installation
  • Sheet To be connected to the system
  • The lamps have actinic UV-A
  • Lamp life 2000H
  • Light spectrum 365 nm
  • Lamp power 1x20W
  • AISI 304 stainless steel structure

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