External defrost cable SHTL 30W/ML I-WARM GERMANY

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Professional solutions with SHTL heating cables, brand I-WARM Germany, for deicing outdoor spaces such as access roads, parking lots, car ramps, terraces, steps, etc. These are reliable products, made of the best quality materials, with excellent resistance to torsion, weather and UV.

The construction of the double-conductor cable allows the electrical supply at one end, which significantly simplifies the design of the heating and defrosting system. For maximum efficiency and minimum consumption, it is recommended that the system be installed together with automation and a temperature and humidity sensor for the floor.

For outdoor defrosting, standard heating cables should have a linear output power of 30 W/m. For use with defrosting systems on an open surface, sections with increased efficiency are used, powers between 200w-300w/m² are designed.

Advantages of outdoor cable for outdoor defrosting - 30W/ML

  • the ideal solution for external deicing (terraces, alleys, roads, parking lots, steps, etc.)
  • brand I-warm Germany
  • UV resistant;
  • it is installed easily and quickly without approval directly in the trench, under the pavers, etc
  • are made of high quality materials to offer maximum performance,
  • double conductor
  • Teflon insert - increased resistance to mechanical actions
  • protective layer : braided aluminum and silicone
  • does not require revisions, maintenance, filters, consumables, etc
  • can be installed in outdoor spaces (alleys, garages, parking lots, ramps, steps)
  • does not present a risk of degradation in the case of frost
  • it is installed with a thermostat for the outside and/or with a humidity sensor
  • 10 year warranty
  • life expectancy over 50 years
  • certificates: CE according to EU standards

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