GLOW FIRE built-in linear electric fireplace

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The Glow Fire electric fireplace is a built-in hearth, with a modern design that can be embedded in a wall, in a piece of furniture or applied to the wall. It uses LED technology for the flame effect, and it is also possible to change the color of the flame or the decoration. The fireplace has an integrated heating system, so you can enjoy a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It comes equipped with the Timer function, to avoid any waste of energy, it being possible to turn it off automatically after the set time interval. The brightness levels can be changed easily and comfortably with the help of the supplied remote control.

Model: Wall (applied), Focar

Color: Black/Grey

Technology: 3D LED


Material: Metal, Glass

Depth: 20 cm

Functions: Remote control. Timer. Heating. Touch screen.

Power: 1600 W

Supply voltage: 230 V

Extra: Easy to mount. LED technology. Flame color change.

Warranty: 2 years


36 inches 50 inches 72 inches
Height 48.4 cm 48.4 cm 48.4 cm
Width 93 cm 127 cm 182.8 cm
Weight 31 kg 40 kg 55 kg