Terrace heater with Mo-El Girosole infrared lamp

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MO-EL International leader on the market of infrared heaters for professional use.
It stands out for its extremely durable equipment.
Infrared lamps with a very long lifespan: No. 1 in the field (5000 hours)

Weather resistance and water protection.

Made exclusively in Italy


The GIROLOLE range has a classic design, which is perfect for open spaces, warehouses, terraces.
- It can be mounted in spaces with high ceilings
- Optimal heating surface: 12 - 18 sq m;

- Instant heat;
- Zone heating, uniform;
- Concentrate only where necessary;
- Fully directional;
- Clean - without combustion and odors;
- Unaffected by wind;
- Does not cause dust;
- Economical, save up to 60% energy costs compared to other heating models;
- The devices with short infrared rays that bring benefits to the human body so they have no contraindications. Equipment with similar characteristics are also used in the electro-medical sector.

These characteristics make the range the most efficient and elegant on the market.
With these heaters it is possible to heat a workplace or an area with immediate efficiency.
The heaters are ideal for zone heating - you heat the place you want, for as long as you want, just by pressing a switch.

- Deposits
- Winter gardens, verandas, greenhouses
- Under the umbrella, outdoor bars and kiosks, pavilions.
- Awnings, Pergolas
- Indoor or outdoor jobs
- Swimming pools and spas, health centers
- Churches, meeting rooms, offices
- Showrooms, exhibition halls, shops, markets


Other information:

Power supply (V/Hz)
400V/50Hz, 220V/50Hz

Power (W)

Degree of protection

Insulation class

Heated surface ( sq m )
12 - 18

Weight (Kg)

Dimensions (mm)
842x940x2140 mm