Mo-El Hathor Low Glaire terrace heater with infrared lamp - 6000W

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MO-EL International leader on the market of infrared heaters for professional use.
It stands out for its extremely durable equipment.
Infrared lamps with a very long lifespan: No. 1 in the field (5000 hours)

Hathor 793 Low Glare is made by the Italian company MO-EL and is a type of radiator equipped with two filaments that can heat a room with an area of ​​16-20 m 2 . The Hathor 793 radiator is part of the series of the most powerful products designed for heating large and very large surfaces.

The Low Glare series is characterized by low emission of visible light, which is why it fits perfectly in rooms where you do not want it to interfere with the existing lighting.

The efficiency of this device is ensured by the innovative solutions of the MO-EL company, that is, the radiator does not have a cover for the filament or a mirror.

The device can be mounted on a stand, attached to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. The radiator is protected against water and humidity thanks to IP 55 protection class.

Perfect for : production halls, factories, farm rooms, in agriculture, workshops, churches, restaurants, restaurant terraces.

Made in Italy.



Power steps 1
Number of elements 1
Color White


Maximum power 6000 W
Power step values 6000 W
Supply voltage 220-240V
Protection class IP 55


Length 51.5 cm
Width 49.6 cm
Height 31.3 cm
Weight 3 Kg