Cable kit for defrosting gutters / downspouts

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Kit for defrosting gutters and downspouts. Ready to use with built-in thermostat. Easy to use and ready to install. With built-in thermostat that switches on at temperatures below 5°C and switches off at temperatures below -10°C and above 13°C

Supplied as a complete kit including:

- connection of 3 meters of cold cable + plug

- Bi-metal thermostat

- Clips grip

- Receiving metal strips for support in the drain pipe

- With IP67 protection


  • Flexible and easy to install
  • Automatic operation
  • Safe and durable
  • Gutters without ice or snow
  • The ice melts safely
  • Pre-assembled system, ready to install
  • 3m of cable for connection to the 220 V socket
  • Thermostat included
  • Increased resistance to mechanical actions

The system prevents:

  • The appearance of turtledoves
  • Gutter blocking
  • Damage to the components of the rainwater system
  • The destruction due to falling ice

Installation instructions

  • Place the thermostat so that it is protected from solar radiation (e.g. under the eaves)
  • The defrosting cable (the cable that will be heated) will be placed in the gutter. Both at the entrance to the gutter and at the descent from the gutter into the downspout.
  • It is recommended to heat the downspouts that are prone to frost, up to a depth of 1m in the ground.
  • For 1 linear meter of gutter/downspout, 2 meters of cable are used (to be mounted back and forth)


The de-icing system does not have the role of preventing the sliding of the thick layer of snow. We always recommend that you also install snow guards on the roof.