Complete kit NOVOTECH 300W heating carpet in the premium parquet / carpet floor - 2 sqm

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The Novotech aluminum foil heating system is ideal for larger spaces and for use with so-called floating floors such as laminate flooring, vinyl, engineered wood and carpet/carpeting. Easy to install, the heating foil ensures even heat distribution thanks to the thermal properties of the reinforced aluminum foil used in the heating cable, helping to even out the heat. Foil of electric heating can be used as both the main and secondary heating source in all your rooms and projects.

The foil layer acts as a layer of earth inside the floor, distributing heat evenly, being installed directly under the floor finish, without the need for self-levelling. Suitable for rooms with regular shapes, the 0.5m foil mats can be unrolled on the floor in parallel. In some cases, it may be necessary to cut, turn and flip the carpet to fit the room without damaging the heating cable.

It is recommended to control the underfloor heating system by means of the Novotech NT516 thermostat. To achieve the best efficiency, it is important to ensure that the floor has adequate thermal insulation before installing the Novotech electric foil heating system. Insulation under the heating foil can contribute to significant cost savings, reducing heating time by at least 50%. It is important to note that vinyl flooring or carpet/carpeting cannot be installed directly over foil thermal carpet, and when using these floor coverings, a double overlay system is recommended.

The Novotech thermal mat is suitable for laminate flooring, engineered wood and some wood floor finishes, but certain types of wood flooring are not recommended. In case of concern, it is recommended to consult the flooring supplier to check compatibility with the electric underfloor heating system.

Installing the Novotech heat mat is simple by running the mat on the floor in parallel. It consists of a fiber-reinforced foil around a thin, two-wire heating cable insulated with an advanced fluoropolymer. The mat is installed directly on top of the insulation and under the floor, and special attention must be paid to the calculation of heat losses to ensure adequate heating of the room. Roll the mat so that the lines are 20mm apart and 50mm from any wall.

It is important to use separate strips of foil to cover any gaps when cutting and turning the mat, keeping the surface smooth. The mat must be completely flat, avoiding overlapping foils on top of each other.

The floor sensor, which is connected to the thermostat, is located between the heating cables for temperature control and protection against overheating.

Step 1: Measure the dimensions of the room.

Calculate the entire floor area. If the room as a whole has a rectangular shape, for example, it has the dimensions of 5m by 3.4m, the total area is 5 x 3.4 = 17m².

Step 2: Ignore any area occupied by furniture.

Calculate how much of the floor space is occupied by fixed objects. For example, the wardrobe occupies an area of ​​1.5 x 1 = 1.5m².

Step 3: Determine the floor area to be heated.

The total area of ​​the floor to be heated will be the total area minus the area occupied by the fixed elements: 17 – 1.5 = 15.5m².

Step 4: Select the size of the foil heating mat.

Due to the fact that there must be a minimum distance of 5 cm between the thermal foil mat and the walls, and also because after cutting and twisting the foil there will always be a small separation, the total area of ​​the mat should never exceed 85% from the surface to be heated. The maximum area of ​​the thermal carpet will be 15.5 x 0.85 = 13.18m². The largest foil carpet available is 12m², so it is necessary to combine 2 systems. A possibility would be 7m² plus 6m².

Features of the Novotech NT516 thermostat

Combining smart technology with a simple and contemporary design, the NT516 digital thermostat with WiFi is the perfect choice for controlling Novotech heating systems.

The thermostat uses simple touch buttons for precise control of the heating system. Its elegant and understated design blends harmoniously into any home decor.

With energy monitoring functionality and remote control capability, using the thermostat with Novotech's "Smart Life" app can significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby helping to save the user's energy bills. Thus, you will never return to a cold house and pay high energy bills.

Technical data Thermostat NT516 WiFi control:

  • Supply voltage: 90-240Vac 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum load: 16A / 250V(WE)
  • Temperature adjustment range: +5°C / +35°C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.5 °C
  • Installation: Wall
  • FI / CE certification
  • Touch sensitive control knob
  • WiFi function - for adjusting the temperature from wherever you are
  • The free Smart Life application available for iOS and Android
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Tuya, Smart Life, IFTTT support. Voice Control function when you don't have your hands free.
  • Weekly schedule: program 5+2, 6+1, 7 days
  • Function with several programs (3 periods / day)
  • Automatic start menu
  • Includes 2 sensors: a built-in air sensor and a floor sensor thermistor with 10 feet of NTC cable (12K). Floor Sensor Included. The floor sensor allows the Novotech heating system to operate at maximum efficiency by monitoring the temperature of the floor.
  • Dimensions: 86x86x20 mm
  • Material: glass and ABS plastic
  • Warranty: 2 years

The kit contains:

- Aluminum heating mat

- Digital programmable thermostat with Wifi

- Floor sensor

- Flexible sensor tube

- Aluminum adhesive tape

- Manual with installation instructions

Technical specifications:

Nominal voltage 230 V AC ±15%, 50 Hz
Power 150 W/m²
Width 500 mm
Length 4 m
The thickness of the mat 1.5 mm
Cold wire for connection 3 m

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