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The Novotech electric floor heating carpet kit with a power of 150W/m² offers an efficient solution for heating your home, being suitable for installation under tiles, stone, marble, ceramics or PVC. Blending seamlessly into your existing floor design, the thin, low-profile rug ensures minimal disruption to your home.

Novotech's premium heating mat kit is suitable for heating bathrooms, kitchens and other living areas and is suitable to be used as a primary heating source.

The mat consists of two key elements - a 2mm heating wire, evenly placed for optimal thermal efficiency, and a sticky and durable fiberglass mat with a self-adhesive base, allowing the fastest and safest installation of the product in any project.

Novotech electric underfloor heating mat kits have been carefully designed to include everything you need to install the product, packaged and supplied in one box with full installation instructions.

The kit includes:

- Electric floor heating mat (Two individual mats if the size of the kit exceeds 15 square meters)

- Digital thermostat - adjust your heating settings and enjoy warm floors at the touch of a button.

- Floor sensor

- Flexible sensor tube

- Adhesive tape - helps keep a carpet or cable in place during installation.

Key details:

- High quality ETFE insulated heating cables are made of premium fluoropolymer material and are PVC free.

- The 2mm ultra-thin cables are the thinnest on the market, offering the advantage of being able to lay directly over the carpet!

- Durable and resistant, the heating systems are built using multi-layer wires.

- At 500mm wide, Novotech mats are the perfect size for installation.

Safe and Secure With:

- Free technical support from our team of fully qualified electricians.

- CableSafe installation guarantee - If the heating cable is accidentally damaged during installation, then we will replace it free of charge with another identical product.

- 20 years Warranty - This product comes with a 20-year warranty. We are confident in the standards of our products.

Installation planning and dimensioning of the Novotech underfloor heating mat.

How to measure the room:

Step 1: Measure the length and width of the room

Step 2: Calculate the total area of ​​the room in square meters by multiplying the length and width

Step 4: Measure fixed objects such as baths and pedestals and subtract them from the result obtained in Step 2

Step 5: Subtract another 10% to allow for some space around the edges of the room

Step 6: Choose the smallest rug that comes closest to the figure obtained in Step 5. If your room, after Step 5, measures 3.60, choose a 3m2 rug.

If you are installing insulation, use the numbers from Step 1, as the insulation should fit snugly around the edges of the room.

Note that the red Novotech heating element cannot be cut or shortened!

Novotech Carpet - Easy to Install:

1. Unfold it
Installing the Novotech heating mat starts with simple unfolding. Roll out the carpet in the space where the floor will be heated to get an idea of ​​where the heating cable will need to be cut, turned or removed from the mesh.

2. Cut and Turn
When it's time to turn the rug, simply cut the mesh (NOT the red heating cable) and turn the rug over or flip it over and continue to unfold it in the opposite direction. The versatile Novotech cable can be oriented with the cable up or down.

3. Fill in the Special Spaces
Do you have a part of the heated space where the Novotech carpet does not fit? All that needs to be done is to remove the heating cable from the mesh. Then place the cable in a way that provides heat to the area, keeping the cable AT LEAST 2 inches apart and not touching or overlapping. Use a small amount of tape to hold the cable in place while it is embedded.

7 Day/5 Event Programmable Thermostat With Floor Sensor

The Novotech Deluxe underfloor heating system comes with the NT516 programmable touch screen thermostat. Easy to install and use, yet versatile enough to fit all our different Novotech options. The NT516 thermostat switches 120 or 240 volt systems, has built-in GFCI protection and two sensors.

The Novotech thermostat allows users to set a schedule to their preferences or maintain a set temperature.

Technical data Thermostat NT516 WiFi control:

  • Supply voltage: 90-240Vac 50 / 60Hz
  • Maximum load: 16A / 250V(WE)
  • Temperature adjustment range: +5°C / +35°C
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.5 °C
  • Installation: Wall
  • FI / CE certification
  • Touch sensitive control knob
  • WiFi function - for adjusting the temperature from wherever you are
  • The free Smart Life application available for iOS and Android
  • Works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Tuya, Smart Life, IFTTT support. Voice Control function when you don't have your hands free.
  • Weekly schedule: program 5+2, 6+1, 7 days
  • Function with several programs (3 periods / day)
  • Automatic start menu
  • Includes 2 sensors: a built-in air sensor and a floor sensor thermistor with 10 feet of NTC cable (12K). Floor Sensor Included. The floor sensor allows the Novotech heating system to operate at maximum efficiency by monitoring the temperature of the floor.
  • Dimensions: 86x86x20 mm
  • Material: glass and ABS plastic
  • Warranty: 2 years

Get a Novotech Cable Damage Monitor and Alarm
Perfect for monitoring the Novotech system at all stages of the installation to add another layer of protection to your investment. Although not a substitute for stress testing, the damage alarm alerts you if something accidentally happens to the Novotech system. You can stop, locate and repair the damage before proceeding with the installation!

Alarms are standard with Novostech 240 volt cable and carpet kits, as well as all Deluxe and Premium Novotech kits.

We obsess over our manual!
What the? Yes, you heard right! We're obsessed with our manual!

Buy an underfloor heating system that will accompany you for many, many years! We are dedicated to designing a high-quality product, but we also know that a high-quality product must be installed correctly, on the first try. We revise our manual annually, when new installation methods are refined, or when we notice our customers asking similar questions or experiencing custom or special situations. We put everything in our manual. We know that Heatwave underfloor heating can be installed on a weekend, in the early morning or in the middle of the night, following our manual is the best alternative to having us install it for you!

Still have questions? Our technicians aren't just in an overseas call center.

Novotech Steps for Installation Success!

Buy the Right Size

Make sure you order a Novotech system for the area that IS TO BE HEATED, not the entire area of ​​the room. The Novotech heating element CANNOT be cut or shortened to fit a space.

Smaller sized mats are available to fit smaller spaces.

Avoid making any cuts/drills on a finished/partially finished floor that could damage the heating element.

Don't Start Until...

Do not start the Novotech heating system until it has been completely embedded in a cement-based compound (thin adhesive/mortar/self-levelling) and this compound has completely dried.

Do not start a Novotech system to "test" or dry an embedding compound.

Embed Full

Novotech cable MUST be fully embedded (impossible to see) in a cement based compound (thin adhesive/mortar/self leveling).

Both connection/junction points must also be fully enclosed, the connection point at the end of the heating element and the connection point between the red heating wire and the unheated black wire (cold wire).

Make sure the air pockets in the mortar/thinning adhesive/self-leveling compound with the exposed heating element are completely filled.

Perform All Tests

Perform all necessary tests listed in the installation manual at several stages throughout the installation to ensure that the heating element has not been damaged.

Failure to perform all required multi-step testing may result in failure to recover system damage, system errors, non-functional failures, and irreparable damage.

Technical specifications

Cold cable length 2.4 m
230 V AC: 50 Hz
IP code X7
Power 150 W/m²
Mat width 0.5 m
Heating cores Dual-core, multi-strand heating element
Inner / Outer insulation ETFE
Cable sheath Translucent
The space between the cables 80mm (+/- 3mm)
Mesh material 120 g/m2 fiberglass
Heating cable color Red

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