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Dragus Radiant Panels are the only infrared radiant panels on the market whose absorbed power drops by 20% after they reach working temperature, being among the best quality infrared radiant panels.


- Radiant panels heat up to maximum temperature in 5-10 minutes after starting;

- The frame of the panel is made of aluminum;

- The front surface is made of white sheet;

- Provided with a 3m Schuko power cord;

- Provided with cable for thermostat, 1.4m long;

- Dragus Albe panels are mounted on the ceiling or on the wall;

- The panel is delivered with the fixing elements already mounted;

- It is installed in rooms with a maximum height of 3 m;

The specified heated volumes are indicative and vary depending on the degree of insulation of the weeks to be heated. It is preferable that the external walls/ceiling be thermally insulated and the windows be insulated. Interior walls facing unheated rooms are also considered cold sides.


· 10 cubic meters - 4 square meters (1 cold side of the 6 sides of the room);


· 28 cubic meters - 11 sqm (1 cold side of the 6 sides of the room);

· 15 cubic meters - 6 square meters (>3 cold sides of the 6 sides of the room);


· 42 cubic meters - 17 square meters (1 cold side of the 6 sides of the room);

· 23 cubic meters - 9.5 sqm (>3 cold sides of the 6 sides of the room);


· 48 cubic meters - 19 sqm (1 cold side of the 6 sides of the room);

· 30 cubic meters - 12 square meters (>3 cold sides of the 6 sides of the room);


For maximum efficiency, it is recommended that the panel be mounted together with an ambient thermostat.

These panels work on the principle of heating with infrared radiation, have low energy consumption and create a pleasant environment. Infrared radiation, like light radiation, is part of the large field of electromagnetic waves. All radiations are susceptible to being transformed into heat, but infrared radiations are thermal radiations par excellence. Infrared radiation is found everywhere and is emitted by all bodies whose temperature is higher than absolute zero. Radiant panels and incandescent lamps transform most of the energy they absorb into infrared radiation.

Careful! The surface of the panel is hot when it is working. The maximum temperature it reaches is between 80-95 degrees C, respectively 100-110 degrees C.


- pleasant and compact appearance

- saving interior space

- simple and quick installation (the customer can install the panel himself based on the instructions)

- 100% ecological heating system

- zero maintenance and upkeep costs

- due to the high yield, a significant reduction in energy consumption is obtained

The GUARANTEE is 3 years from the date of signing the reception protocol.

GREEN STAMP is included in the price of the product (5 lei VAT included).

Product manufactured in Romania, Cluj-Napoca.

Supply voltage: 220W

Specific characteristics
Power (W) 300 W 600 W 900 W 1200 W
Estimated heated volume (m3) 5-15 15-28 25-40 35-50
Surface temperature 85-90 85-90 85-90 100-110
Power cable length (m) 3 m 3 m 3 m 3 m
Length (cm) 50 90 125 127
Width (cm) 60 60 60 60
Depth (cm) 2.1 2.1 2.1 2.1
Weight (kg) 5 7 10 10