Infrared Panel Heater Energy Korea Sr4 - 470W

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Careful! All Energy Korea panels purchased from our website are accompanied by a Certificate of Conformity attesting to the originality of the panel.

For rooms of 4-8 square meters with a height of 2.5 m

Power: 470W

Dimensions: 606 x 606 x 20 mm

The radiant panels produced by Energy Korea INC , the only panels patented and produced in South Korea , represent the most complex and beneficial heating system, due to the multiple functions that customers have always wanted from a heating system. Thus, the panels produced by Energy Korea open a new chapter of radiant heating systems thanks to the latest technologies, implemented, patented and certified: HEATING FUNCTION (with low energy consumption), NANOSILVER TECHNOLOGY (99% antibacterial effect, air purification 78%), TOURMALINE TECHNOLOGY (generates an important therapeutic effect).


*producer Energy Korea INC ;
*country of manufacture: South Korea ;
* 10-year warranty ;
*life span over 25 years;
* reduce costs of heating by up to 50%;
* higher heating capacity compared to other radiant panels;
*high efficiency heating with a 98% yield
* easy and quick installation without a construction site in the house;
*quiet operation, without dust and noise;
*improved thermal efficiency with its own insulation technology;
* 99% antibacterial effect due to negative ions;
* air purification effect 78% thanks to nano-silver technology;
*important therapeutic effect thanks to the technology with Applied tourmaline , mineral
active ingredient in the radiant plate of the panel (alleviation of rheumatic pains,
antidepressant effect, improves sleep, eases breathing, strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation);
*maintain humidity in optimal parameters;
* patented system and certificate (patent of invention)

Radiant panels produced by Energy Korea INC , the only panels patented and produced in South Korea represents the most complex and beneficial heating system, thanks to the multiple functions that customers have always wanted from a heating system. Thus the panels produced by Energy Korea open a new chapter of radiant heating systems thanks to the latest technologies, implemented, patented and certified: HEATING FUNCTION (with low energy consumption), NANOSILVER TECHNOLOGY (antibacterial effect 99%, air purification 78%), TECHNOLOGY WITH TOURMALINE (generates an important therapeutic effect).


It consists in covering the infrared generating system with a colloidal layer of silver. Samsung developed this technology because it is a safe and healthy method of sanitizing and disinfecting the air that comes into contact with food and skin. This technology applied to the radiant panels means that the microbes, bacteria and viruses in the rooms are eliminated before they have the opportunity to reach our body, most pathogens being eliminated after less than 5 minutes of operation of the device! In addition to this disinfectant role, panels with TURMALIN almost instantly eliminate unpleasant odors from rooms. The nanosilver technology combined with the emission of negative ions based on tourmaline and infrared radiation is unique in the world, being a Samsung invention made available to Energy Korea.


Of all the natural minerals on earth alone tourmaline it carries in itself the permanent charged charge, which is why it is called a crystalline magnet. Out of all the diversity of stones, it is considered the absolute champion for its specific characteristics but also for the spectrum of colors and shades. The natural luster, transparency and hardness have given this mineral a well-deserved reputation.

In its composition, tourmaline contains: potassium, calcium, magnesium, manganese, iron, silicon, iodine, fluorine, etc. In total there are 26 trace elements from Mendeleev's table.

When heated, TURMALINE creates a weak magnetic field, emits long-wave infrared rays (FRAI) and anions (negatively charged ions), which have the following effects:

  • increases cellular metabolism, improves substance exchange;
  • issue of NEGATIVE IONS (antibacterial effect)
  • improves local blood circulation;
  • restores the function of the lymphatic system;
  • restores the endocrine and hormonal systems;
  • improves the supply of organs and tissues; contributes to maintaining the balance of the vegetative nervous system (the system of excitation and inhibition of the psyche);
  • provides vital energy for the body;
  • it stimulates blood circulation and blood quality, which allows sacestua to penetrate into the thinnest capillaries, feeding the body with vital energy.