Infrared Panel Heater Helvetic THE-18DW 1800W

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Room size: 80-100 m3, H > 3.0m
Power: 1800W
Panel dimensions: 1280 x 160 x 100mm


Enjoy the sun's rays in your home through the radiant infrared panel. The heating panel does not blow hot air and does not dry the air, but emits a long-wave infrared radiation that then heats solid bodies such as: the walls, the floor, the furniture.

The radiant panel works in the same way as the sun heats the earth, with infrared radiation at a distance of 3-6 m, in a healthy, clean, natural, economical and comfortable way, thus ensuring a uniform temperature and a consumption of up to 50% smaller than any other heating system .

Modern design

The 1800W Infrared Radiant Heating Panel is a slim model, with a modern design and a unique structure. It is provided with an LED display on which the temperature and operating parameters are displayed.

Control from anywhere

The 1800W radiant panel can be operated remotely with the remote control or via WI-FI with the mobile phone application. The WI-FI control function is very useful especially when you want to create an optimal temperature in the room before arriving home. The WI-FI connection is made using the Smart Life application, which you will have to download and install on your phone either directly from the application or by scanning the QR code that you can find in the user manual on page 8. This type of panel control radiant is highly appreciated by all customers because they can control the temperature or turn on/off the heating panel even when they are not at home, with a simple touch of their mobile phone.

Thermostat and protection against overheating

The device is provided with an adjustable thermostat and has protection in case of overheating (it stops automatically).

Open window detection function

The 1800W Infrared Radiant Heating Panel has an integrated Open Window Detection Function . During operation, if the device detects a temperature variation of +/- 3 degrees Celsius during two minutes, it will stop automatically.

Infrared rays are rays with a wavelength between 4 and 15 μm - micrometers. These rays are invisible and have no smell and are beneficial for health, being easily absorbed by the human body. The infrared rays emitted by the radiant heating panel are recognized in the medical world for the efficiency of physiological activity at the cellular level.

The effect of the heat emitted by the infrared rays that penetrate the superficial layer of the skin is similar to that used in physiotherapy clinics, heating the person's body fluid (the human body is made up of 70% water) and generating greater physiological vitality.

The human body feels a temperature 3-4 ° C higher than that in the room, a fact that does not happen with any other type of heating system.

Radiant heating panels work on the principle of heating with infrared radiation, have low energy consumption and create a pleasant atmosphere in the room . Through their high efficiency and due to the uniform distribution of heat in the space, a reduction in energy consumption is obtained compared to traditional heating systems .

Efficient, modern and economical in any space