Premium Infrared Panel Heater NovoSun 750W

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!Careful! Before placing the order, make sure that you have chosen the right heating power for your space by consulting the "CALCULATION TABLE" at the bottom of the page.

For rooms of 12-16 sqm* with a height of 2.5 m and a single cold side

Power: 750W

Dimensions: 1200 x 800 x 20 mm

  • IR Healthy Heat technology, heats efficiently and healthily
  • Quality certificates - CE, TUV, TUV GS, ISO, SAA, RoHS, IP54
  • 7-year warranty , 25-year lifetime



NovoSun infrared radiant panels have a modern design and are almost imperceptible, so they will find their place even in the home of the most demanding person. They are easy to integrate into any design style, being able to be mounted both on the wall and on the ceiling. Moreover, they can be used as the main source of heating or can supplement an already existing heating, because they maintain a constant temperature in the home, turning it into a comfortable environment for you and your family.

You should know that, if you want to equip your house or apartment with radiant panels, you will not need approval or a project for the installation of these panels, and the effort will be minimal.

Opt, therefore, for the comfort and well-being of your family, using this modern method of heating, through which you obtain a constant temperature in the house, a healthy and pleasant environment.

The assembly of the panel is very simple by fixing it to the ceiling or wall with 4 dowels with socket screws. It can be used with wired or wireless thermostats, simple, programmable, plug type or wi-fi thermostats. Find compatible thermostats in the thermostats and accessories section of our page.

SPECIFIC ADVANTAGES of NovoSun radiant panels :

  1. The innovative IR Healthy Heat technology - uses the NovoSun radiant panel to heat the home and you benefit, at the same time, from the high efficiency of heating with infrared radiation (IR) and the therapeutic effects of long-wave infrared radiation 4 - 14 microns.

  1. Health benefits - infrared rays 4 - 14 microns are easily absorbed by the human body and have similar effects to those used in wellness centers:

- anti-aging effect;
- relaxes and reduces stress;
- improves blood circulation;
- strengthens the immune system;
- balancing the body temperature for hypothermic people;
- improves the symptoms of various allergies;
- improves asthma symptoms;

  1. High heating efficiency - 98% efficiency. In addition to the high-efficiency IR heating, the NovoSun panel also has a component for direct heating of the air in the room, thus bringing more comfort and efficiency to the heating of your space.

  1. Premium materials, premium construction - the radiant panel NovoSun it is built to last, from the best quality materials. Compared to most of the other panels built very simplistically (directly painted radiant element, thin insulating layer and frame), in the construction of the NovoSun panel, emphasis was placed on quality and not on obtaining the lowest possible production cost. The core of the NovoSun panel is made of the Carbon-crystal radiant element, with a lifespan of ≥100,000 hours, the radiant element is protected with a system of overheating sensors, after which it is double thermally insulated towards the back. This core is covered both on the front and on the back by two additional layers of protection and enclosed in a super light aluminum frame.

  1. Super flat design - thanks to the super flat appearance, you don't have to worry about the appearance of the panel mounted on the ceiling, thus obtaining the maximum heating efficiency. Choose a modern design, easy to integrate into any type of interior design.

  1. IP54 certification - resistant to moisture - the NovoSun radiant panel is resistant to moisture and accidental splashes. They can be installed without worries in bathrooms or kitchens.

  1. Quality certificates - CE, TUV, TUV GS, ISO, SAA, RoHS, IP54. Quality certificates assure the beneficiary that the product he purchased is worth the investment.

  1. Simple and quick installation - NovoSun radiant panels can be placed on the walls or on the ceiling (recommended on the ceiling). It lends itself perfectly to heating bathrooms and does not take up any space in the rooms. No approvals, special installations or drawing up of a project are required. It is connected to the existing 220V network (to the outlet), without any modification to the house's current network. The panel is accompanied by a brochure with pictures and text where all the necessary steps for assembly are presented.

  1. They do not consume oxygen, do not produce noise, air currents or dust.

  1. They prevent the appearance of condensation and moisture.

  1. They maintain the humidity in optimal conditions, they do not dry the air.

  1. Maintenance expenses 0 - does not require maintenance, revisions, filters, parts, consumables.

  1. Ecological - friendly to the environment, without any polluting residues.

  1. Warranty period 7 years.

Why choose infrared radiant panels instead of other heating systems?

  1. They have reduced consumption by up to 50% compared to other heating systems. The thermal requirement for a radiantly heated room is up to 70% lower than in the case of convective heating. A radiant heating system heats the air, the walls, the floor and the solid bodies in the room, which in turn will give off the heat to the air in the room. A convective system heats the air in the room and the walls stay cool.
  1. The heating efficiency is 98% compared to approx. 60% in the case of heating with radiators. Infrared radiant panels directly transmit the heat produced in the useful space of the room, without losses. In the case of a power plant, the flame heats a pipe (serpentine), the pipe heats the water, the water heats the radiator, the radiator heats the air, the air loses heat to the cold walls - all these passages mean high thermal inefficiency.
  1. Increased comfort. Optimum warmth without the hassle. The desired temperature is set on the thermostat and the panels provide the necessary heat from autumn to spring without any care or intervention. Being individually thermostated, different temperatures can be set in different rooms. The panels do not need maintenance throughout their life.

The wood/pellet boiler must be powered and cleaned. The wood must be dry, broken, bought in advance for the cold season. When the fuel in the boiler runs out (especially in the morning) it gets cold in the room. The gas power plant needs revisions, gas checks, SPARKLING, filter change, etc. There is a risk of flooding, fire, gas leaks, suffocation. Thermal discomfort, all radiators are connected in a circuit with a single thermostat in the whole house.

  1. Thermal balance. The temperature difference between the floor and the ceiling is a maximum of 1-2 degrees C. The walls are warm and there are no cold areas with large temperature differences near them.
  1. Safety. There is no risk of flooding, fire, gas leaks, explosion, asphyxiation.
  1. Health. Infrared heating improves the symptoms of people with respiratory problems. Infrared radiation improves blood circulation. It does not consume oxygen. They don't produce air currents in the room, which will attract dust. Does not dry the air.
  1. Long lifespan and extended warranty. Radiant panels have a lifespan of 25 years with a 7-year warranty. Over the entire lifetime, no revisions, consumables, interventions or servicing are required.

 The power plants have a 2-year warranty with a 10-year lifespan. Throughout their life, they need revisions, filters, servicing, gas checks, repairs that generate significant costs in addition to monthly consumption.

  1. Quick installation without permits or project. The panels are installed without the need for approvals, authorizations or a project. The effective duration between the moment you decided to heat the house with radiant panels and their commissioning is a maximum of 2 days. Each panel can be assembled in about an hour by any person with minimal technical skills. Customers who buy panels from our company receive a brochure with pictures and text where all the necessary steps for installation are presented, to which is added a no. phone number where I can request assistance at any time. If you want to leave the fixing of the panels in our care, we also offer the assembly service.
  1. They can be used in multiple projects. Infrared radiant panels can be used for heating residential spaces (houses and apartments), hotels, guesthouses, commercial spaces, offices, beauty salons, medical offices, warehouses, industrial spaces, etc.


    * If you are not sure of the chosen power, then confirm by phone or via chat with one of our consultants!


    On average, in winter, a correctly sized panel on the space to be heated, effectively works between 6 and 8 hours out of 24 to maintain a constant temperature of 22 degrees Celsius. In fact, the radiant panel does nothing but replace the heat that the house loses, with a maximum possible efficiency of converting electricity into heat.

    EXAMPLE: For a set temperature of 23 degrees C, a 950W panel mounted in a room of 18-20 square meters (2.5 m high) with only one cold side* (insulated wall with thermal glass) will have a consumption of approx. 6 KWh/day – approx. 180 KWh/month.

    * The ceiling towards the attic / the floor on the ground floor - are considered cold sides even if they are insulated.

    CAREFUL! The example above is valid for a thermally insulated room, with a single cold side and neighboring heated rooms. If you put such a panel in a room with neighboring unheated rooms, the panel will be undersized and will not be able to cope because it will be overloaded, heating the other rooms indirectly (through the common walls). In this case, the room losses will be higher and the panel will work for a longer period of time, maybe even non-stop. YOU MUST PUT THE RIGHT PANEL IN EVERY ROOM, otherwise it's like putting a horse to pull 4 carts! If you still want to heat only one room and the rest of the house remain unheated, you must put DOUBLE power panels in this room. To make sure you choose the right power for the space to be heated, check the recommendations in the table above.


    Installing the panels is very simple - anyone can do it - it means fixing the panel with 4 holzscrews (in dowels) on the ceiling and inserting the plug into a socket or connecting it to a current box. The thermostat is placed on the power cable like a classic switch.

    Customers who buy panels from I receive a brochure with pictures and text where all the necessary steps for assembly are presented, to which a number is added. phone number where I can request assistance at any time. If you want to leave the fixing of the panels in our care, we also offer the installation service.

    In order to have maximum efficiency, the panels must be mounted on the ceiling as close as possible to the center of the room. If there is a lighting fixture in the middle of the room, leave a distance of 20-30 cm and mount the panel, centered on the left-right sides. It is preferable for the panel to be mounted from the light fixture towards the outer wall with the short side of the panel towards the window. If the panel will be mounted on the wall, the room will heat up, but the panel will work 10-40% more.



    Model NovoSun NH8 - 750W
    For rooms of 12 - 16 sqm * , h=2.5 m
    Power 750W
    size 120 x 80 x 2 cm
    Weight 6.4 Kg
    Supply voltage AC 230V, 50/60Hz
    amps 3.26 A
    Power cord length 1.9 m
    Plug YES
    Color White
    Dorsal face isolated YES - double insulated
    Mounting type Ceiling or wall
    Yield 98%
    Radiant element Carbon crystal
    Overheating protection sensors YES
    Infrared heating YES, technology IR Healthy Heat
    Therapeutic effects Multiple therapeutic effects
    Anti-dust effect YES
    Anti-moisture effect YES
    Quality certificates CE, TUV, TUV GS, ISO, SAA, RoHS, IP54
    Average life span 25 years
    Guarantee 7 years

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