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Premium Infrared Panel Heater NovoSun LED - 800W

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The Novosun Led radiant panel is specially designed to be mounted on the ceiling instead of the lighting fixture. They connect a with u and urine to the law electric lights for lighting uh, that way you won't have the power cable in sight. The front side side of the panel has tape Integrated LED uh a minimalist design and occupy very little and in space. Novosun Led is solu ideal for people who want to benefit from efficiency Ț a in nc of infrared light with as little aesthetic impact as possible.

Novosun Led is not only a heating panel, but also a LED light source, offering a double benefit in one product.



Ecological and healthy heating

Like the sun's rays, the radiant panel heats the room in a natural and pleasant way. With zero CO2 emissions, this heating system not only maintains a pleasant temperature, but also it also keeps a clean environment and s n cough Thanks to infrared technology, this radiant panel heats without s I produce current of air, odors or unpleasant noises, ensuring a healthy and relaxing atmosphere in your home.


Integrated LED light

The Novosun Led radiant panel is equipped with an LED lighting strip. You can adjust the color temperature between cool white and warm white, and the brightness is at your fingertips with just a few button presses. The panel is delivered together with a wireless control unit that allows temperature regulation and lighting control. The LED lighting can be adjusted in steps (25%, 50%, 75% or 100%) or gradually (from 5% to 100%) and can be switched between 3 light colors: cool white (6000K), warm white ( 3000K) or combination for natural light (4500K). In the case of larger rooms that require the installation of several panels,  you can use a single control unit to control all devices.


Advanced Control via Wireless Thermostat

Not only can you control the LED lighting, but you can also benefit from smart functions such as weekly temperature programming and Open Window detection. This thermostat allows you to customize the heating temperature according to your preferences. Thanks to practical functions such as overheating protection, "glass break sensor" that automatically turns the heating off or on, and a programmable weekly timer, this radiant panel is the perfect product for heating your home. 


Patented IR Ceramic Coating

The surface of the panel is covered with a special ceramic layer that intensifies infrared radiation. This ceramic layer has flame retardant properties, resistance to high temperatures and does not yellow over time.

 IR Healthy Heat innovation

With its innovative IR Healthy Heat technology, the NovoSun radiant panel not only heats the home efficiently, but also brings the therapeutic benefits of long-wave infrared (IR) radiation with a wavelength between 4 and 14 microns. This technology offers multiple health benefits:

  1. Anti-Aging Effect: Helps reduce signs of skin aging and maintain a youthful appearance.
  2. Relaxation and Stress Reduction : Contributes to relaxing the body and reducing stress levels, offering an experience of calm and well-being.
  3. Improving Blood Circulation : Stimulates blood circulation and can contribute to better tissue oxygenation.
  4. Strengthening the Immune System: The benefits of infrared radiation also include strengthening the immune system, helping the body fight infections more effectively.
  5. Body Temperature Balancing: For people with hypothermic tendencies, this technology helps maintain an optimal body temperature.

IP52 certification – resistant to moisture

If you want to use this panel in the bathroom, this is possible. The panel has IP52 classification, it is resistant to moisture and accidental splashes.


Technical specifications:

Model: NovoSun Led 800W

For rooms of: 12 - 16 sqm*, h=2.5m

Heating power: 800W

Led power: 6 0W, led strip with 168 lamps/ml

Luminous Flux: 4587 Lumens

Light color: warm 3000K, neutral 4500K, cold 6000K

Light intensity adjustment: Yes, steps of 25% / 50% / 75% / 100% or gradual 5-100%

Dimensions: 1280x630x33mm                     

Supply voltage: AC 230V, 50/60Hz

plug: Not

White color

Isolated dorsal part: Yes

Mounting type: Ceiling, mounting kit included in the package

Yield: 98%

Radiant Element: Carbon Crystal 

Overheating protection sensors: Yes

Infrared heating: Yes, IR Healthy Heat technology 

Therapeutic effects: Multiple therapeutic effects

Anti-dust effect: Yes

Anti-moisture effect : Yes

Warranty: 5 years radiant element, 2 years controller and led strip

The panel is delivered with:

  • Wireless control unit 86 x 86 x 23 mm (without batteries)
  • Instruction manual and assembly diagram
  • Ceiling mounting kit
  • Power cable without plug


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