Prana 340S recuperator

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    Allowed air flow 1100 m3/hour;

    Exhaust air flow rate 1020 m3/hour;

    Diameter of intake and exhaust holes 200mm

    Admission and evacuation are done simultaneously (double flow);

    Energy consumption between 80 and 310 W*hour;

    Energy efficiency 78-48%; (Energy efficiency class A;)

    Copper heat exchanger;

    Speed ​​control with two speed variators

    The PRANA 340S ventilation system is suitable for residential, commercial and industrial applications:
    – Houses, Villas, Apartments, Office spaces, School and preschool institutions, Kindergartens, Shops, Commercial spaces, Clinics and Hospitals, Production units, Swimming pools, Fitness rooms, Gyms.
    The recuperator ensures a permanent flow of fresh air and normalizes the humidity in the room
    and definitively eliminates the causes of condensation on the windows, moisture and mold.


     It is a compact system – the recuperator can be fixed on the ceiling.
     Air intake and exhaust are done simultaneously and air flows are controlled
    separately from the control panel or from the remote control, and the intake and exhaust having each
    100 speeds, air flows being percentage controlled from 1 to 100%

     The copper heat exchanger ensures excellent heat recovery and
    decontaminates the admitted air due to its natural properties (very close to
    silver). Since ancient times, copper has been considered one of the best and safest
    materials for man. That is why it is widely used for air transfer and
    transport of drinking water.

     Normalizes the microclimate in the room and definitively eliminates the causes of its occurrence
    moisture, condensation on the windows, moisture and mold.

     Operation is done with the help of a remote control or the control panel
     Save money - because the heat of the air exhausted outside is recovered and returned inside
     Low energy consumption: electricity consumption for residential models
    it is between 80Wh and 310Wh.

     All «PRANA» heat recovery ventilation systems have a European Certificate
    CE Quality and Energy Efficiency Class A+ and A.

    The PRANA 340S recuperator is suitable for production and industrial units:

    • factories and plants;
    • sports and fitness centers;
    • swimming pools, pools and SPA centers;
    • restaurants, pubs and night clubs
    • agricultural production and storage units
    • clinics and hospitals
    • Church
    • office buildings

    The model can also be used for residential applications.