Prana CARBON 200G Premium Plus WI-FI recuperator

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CARBON PRANA! New model with improved filtering capacity thanks to the carbon filter.


The recuperator ensures a permanent flow of fresh air, normalizes the humidity in the room and definitively eliminates the causes of condensation on the windows, moisture and mold. The ventilation system is suitable for residential and commercial applications such as: House | Villas | Apartments | Office spaces | School and preschool institutions | Kindergarten | Pools | Bars | Pubs | restaurants


  • It is a compact system. The recuperator is completely hidden in the thickness of the wall, only the ventilation grills remain outside. So you don't need complicated pipes and assemblies. The entire assembly can be done in two hours, without dust and without the need for other repair work afterwards.
  • 🆕 Wi-Fi control that allows you to access the recuperator settings from wherever you are, see heat recovery yield reports, saved energy costs and much more!
  • Air intake and exhaust is done simultaneously (does not create pressure differences in the room), and always ensures 8% more volume of air admitted than air discharged. A phenomenon that contributes to the more efficient operation of exhaust systems in the kitchen and bathroom.
  • The copper heat exchanger ensures excellent heat recovery and decontaminates the admitted air due to its natural properties, very close to silver. Since ancient times, copper has been considered one of the best and safest materials for humans. That is why it is widely used for air transfer and potable water transport.
  • Designed to work permanently - with the Prana recuperator you will have fresh and clean air in the house 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!
  • It helps the air conditioning to work more efficiently. During the summer, the recuperator reverses the process, that is, it keeps the cool air in the house and the dust outside.
  • It normalizes the microclimate in the home and definitively eliminates the causes of moisture, condensation on the windows, moisture and mold.
  • You can control the intake and exhaust air flows separately with the help of a remote control or through the mobile phone application.
  • It works very quietly, between 13 and 54dB, which makes it almost impossible to hear.
  • You save money because the heat of the outside air is recovered and returned to the house. So stop losing heat by opening the windows for ventilation. Which results in up to 30% savings with heating in the winter, and up to 70% savings with the energy consumed by the air conditioner in the summer.
  • Very low electricity consumption for residential models, between 4W and 17W, a cost that is amortized by the heat recovery efficiency.
  • All ventilation systems with Prana heat recovery have European CE Quality Certificate and Energy Efficiency Class A+.


The G4+ CARBON filter removes all larger particles (> 10 µm) with an efficiency of over 90%!

The G4+ CARBON filter protects you from:

  • plant pollen
  • soot
  • down from plants
  • coarse metallurgical dust and iron chloride
  • active carbon absorbs unpleasant odors, smoke, ammonia and volatile compounds.

The filter for Prana recuperators changes depending on the level of pollution in the environment. Once changed, the old filter cannot be reused. The average operating time of the filter is 4-6 months.

Copper heat exchanger

Allowed air flow: 108 m3/hour

Exhaust air flow rate: 100 m3/hour

Admission and evacuation are done simultaneously - Double flow

Maximum energy efficiency: 96%

Energy efficiency class: A+

Low energy consumption: 4 and 17 W/hour

🆕 Wi-Fi control

Preheating function – additionally heats the admitted air by 4-5°C (with 55W electric resistance)

"MAX" ventilation function - Ventilation in maximum mode for 30 min

"Night" ventilation function - silent operation mode (12m3/hour)

Defrost function

Sleep timer function

AUTO and AUTO PLUS operating mode

Display brightness adjustment

Separate adjustment of intake and exhaust from the application and remote control

Color display with icons, date and time display

Atmospheric pressure sensor

Humidity sensor

➕ VOC sensor (volatile gases)

➕ CO2 (carbon dioxide) sensor

Filter dirt level indicator

Thermal and sound insulation

Power type: 220 – 240 V

Length: from 450 mm

Diameter: 200 mm

Mounting hole diameter: 225 mm

Recommended ventilation surface: up to 60 m2

Noise levels: 13-50dB

Control system: Remote control or through the Prana Remote Control App on your phone

European CE quality certificate

2 year warranty


Depending on the area where you live, a specialized consultant will put you in touch with an authorized company that will install the ventilation system in the wall. The installation is paid separately at the installer and varies between 250 - 350 lei / recovery depending on the installer and the diameter of the installation hole.




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