Alabaster Dimplex Revillusion 30" electric fireplace and sound - White

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Revillusion® technology

The flames are bigger, brighter and more random. They give the illusion that they appear from inside the wood.

The Mirage™ Flame Panel

The acrylic panel with Mirage technology will display only bright flames and no reflections.

ThruView™ design

ThruView technology allows you to see through the flames even the panel behind them, thus creating an authentic image of the fire.

Mood Lighting

Customize the ambient light of the Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace with a selection of warm shades or choose the Midnight "Midnight" mode.


Color adjustment

You can adjust the colors of the flames by choosing between red or blue.

Realogs® Plus

The most realistic mold of hardwood logs in life size to create a greater depth effect.

Brick background

In order to mimic a traditional electric fireplace as well as possible, the Dimplex Revillusion hearth is "lined" inside with a brick pattern, thus creating a real fireplace effect.

Brightness and palpation

Adjust the brightness level of the flames and their flickering effect to perfectly fit the room.

Ambient light sensor

Automatically adjusts the firelight to suit the room day and night.

dimplex revillusion flames

Primary heat source

The Dimplex Revillusion electric fireplace can be used as the main heat source for a room up to 37 m2.

The magic of flames for any season

Enjoy the unique charm of the fireplace 365 days a year using flames without heat.

No carbon emissions

The most cost-effective option for a fireplace: Efficient and emission-free.

dimplex fireplace thermostat

Frame specifications

Built-in fireplace type HB-FDX-R30RB
Furniture color White
Length (cm) 148 cm
Height (cm) 115 cm
Depth (cm) 45 cm
Corner extension No corner
Net weight (Kg) Kg Kg

Fireplace specifications

Length (cm) 79.5 cm
Height (cm) 67.6 cm
Depth (cm) 30.7 cm
Supply voltage (V) 220
Heating power (Watt) 2000W
Power steps 1
Power step values 2000W
Heating capacity (m2) 37 m²
Thermostat Adjustable
Characteristics Heating Cold Blow Revillusion Flame Technology Mirrage Flame Panel Thru-View Full Depth Design Front Touch Control Panel Mood Lighting Mood Maker Remote Color Themes Color Enhancement RealLogs Plus+ Full Brick-surround Brightness Adjust Remote Control
Firebox weight (Kg) 27 Kg