Electric fireplace Lisbona Premium Dimplex Optiflame XHD28 and sound - White

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The new 3D Dimplex XHD electric fireplaces are like a story. A beautiful story, which will make you spend wonderful moments with your loved ones in the comfort of your home.

We are happy that we can be part of your story and offer you the most advanced and realistic electric fireplace.

Model: Electric fireplace Dimplex XHD28

- Memorable, innovative, versatile, incomparable;

- Can be incorporated into furniture, masonry walls, plasterboard, or any other material;

- 1500 W heating power assisted by an intelligent digital thermostat.

Fabulous logs with Active Glowing LED technology

Ultra-realistic - perfectly similar to natural ones, made using a natural burnt wood mould, finished by hand.

Log shaped 360° illuminated including the areas that are not exposed to direct vision.

Glowing LED Logs - different portions of the log change their color intensity constantly, taking on the appearance of burning wood, identical to natural fire.

Ember effect under logs: perfectly calibrated in intensity, which highlights the naturalness and authenticity of flames and logs.

Wood support grill in relief not just drawn on the ember mold.

Sound of a log burning: for added realism, all Dimplex fireplaces benefit free of charge from a device that imitates the sound of a log burning in a fire.

Memorable flame, Dimplex 3D XHD with color themes

Classic mystic orange

Chill cobalt blue

Wildfire ed

XHD defintion – the flame of incredible intensity and contrast even in strong daylight.

Intensity and speed adjustment the flame according to your preferences.

True Tone - pleasant, natural color tones, adjustable as a shade.

True Flame - realistic flame appearance, identical in shape and movement to that of natural fire

Multifire – flame of high density and height that covers a maximum surface from the opening of the fireplace.

Heating function with programming and easy control

Economical, efficient, discreet ultra-silent fan

Digital thermostat - precisely control the temperature and save money

Timer: you can fall asleep surrounded by the warmth of the fireplace on cold evenings, using the function of programming and automatically turning off the fireplace.

The panel with touch-screen buttons is activated only by touch.

Modern ultra-slim remote control with long-lasting micro-cell battery.

Economical with your pocket, friendly with the environment

Flame effect consumption of only 10W, less than a light bulb.

Safe for children and pets - The glass remains cool to the touch even when you use the heating function.

Versatile and easy to install by plugging it into a 220 V socket, without any other changes in the home.

For all seasons – the magic of flames at your home, 365 days a year with or without heat.

Frame specifications

Built-in fireplace type HB-FDX-XHD28
Furniture color White
Length (cm) 125 cm
Height (cm) 107 cm
Depth (cm) 37 cm
Corner extension No corner
Net weight (Kg) 34 Kg

Fireplace specifications

Length (cm) 69.5 cm
Height (cm) 59.7 cm
Depth (cm) 18.9 cm
Supply voltage (V) 220
Heating power (Watt) 1500W
Power steps 1
Power step values 1400W
Heating capacity (m2) 37 m²
Thermostat Adjustable
Characteristics Built-in air heater Digital display Dimplex 3D Active Logs Dimplex 3D Flame Dimplex active coals Dimplex Multifire Color Themes Dimplex XHD Flame Sound device Operation programming Overheating protection Remote control Adjustable thermostat Timer Touch screen panel
Firebox weight (Kg) 14.5 Kg