Electric fireplace TAGU Hagen Gray 23 inches

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The Hagen electric fireplace is a fireplace with a simple and elegant design, small in size, easy to install and can be easily placed even in rooms with limited space. It is composed of an external mask made of MDF and an electric screen with LED technology with a decorative flame and illuminated logs, with a very low energy consumption, lower than that of an ordinary light bulb when used without the heating function. The fireplace is also equipped with an air heater that can heat rooms with an area of ​​up to 37 square meters, and thanks to the intelligent thermostat and the integrated timer, it maintains thermal comfort and avoids energy waste. r discrete.

Height: 68.8 cm

Width: 74.9 cm

Model: Clothing (MDF)

Weight: 21 Kg

Material: MDF

Depth: 24.5 cm

Functions: Heating, timer, digital display, remote control

Power: 1500 W

Supply voltage: 220

Maximum heated surface: 37 sq m

Power stages: 2

Extra: Easy to assemble. 3D PowerFlame technology. 5 levels of brightness.

Warranty: 2 years


Friendly with the budget and the environment

- The right temperature at the right time
You can set an automatic heating program for every day of the week and the room will always be heated at the right time.

- Precise temperature control
Maintain thermal comfort and avoid energy waste thanks to the digital thermostat.

- Open window sensor
The TAGU PowerFlame electric fireplace takes care of the environment and stops automatically if it detects that the window has been opened and the temperature drops suddenly.

- Discreet LED screen
It displays all settings and disappears after 60 seconds.


Powerful, but discreet.

- Super quiet
It is the quietest air heater we have manufactured and can heat rooms up to 37 square meters.

- Timer
Use the "Timer" function to set the automatic shutdown from 1 to 9 hours and you can fall asleep quietly in a warm environment.

- For all seasons
The flame effect can work with or without the heating function, so you can enjoy the electric fireplace in any season.


Perfectly visible day and night.

- Adjustable brightness
Bright enough for a summer day or alluringly subtle for winter nights.

- LED technology
The flame effect has a consumption of only 10W, less than a simple light bulb.

- Powerflame
The embers and log molding are designed to maximize the flame effect, which is now brighter than ever.


You control the fireplace from wherever you are

- Multifunctional remote control

Conveniently control all functions with the help of the included remote control.

Frame features

Finish : White
Wall dimensions : 74.9 cm x 68.8 cm x 24.5 cm
Firebox dimensions : 23"
Requires assembly : Yes
Assembly difficulty : Easy to assemble
Style : Modern
Total weight : 11.9

Focus features

Focal size in inches : 23"
Firebox dimensions : 60 cm x 50.3 cm x 15 cm
Power supply : 220V, 50 Hz
Amperage : 7.27 ~ 7.92 Amp
Heating surface : 37 m2
Heating power : 1500 W
Thermostat : 17°C – 27°C
Functions : Heating, Timer, Digital display, Remote control
Special features : 5 levels of brightness
Technology : PowerFlame, 3D
Weight focus : 9.3 kg


The 3D LED technology incorporated in the electric fireplace uses only 11.2 Watts, reducing electricity consumption.
It lights up and disappears automatically after 1 minute, controlled by the remote control or the control panel
Heating 1250-1500 Watt, covers up to 32 square meters and you can set an automatic heating program for every day of the week
timer icon
Automatic shutdown from 1 hour to 9 hours
The fireplace can be used with or without the heating function, giving you the opportunity to enjoy the charm of a burning fire at any time of the year
power icon
For the most convenient control of all functions