Ventilation system with heat recovery BSK SCHOLAR 500

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BSK SCHOLAR 500 Ventilation system with heat recovery

BSK SCHOLAR 500 heat recuperators are specially designed for classrooms, meeting rooms, offices or other spaces that do not have ventilation. They supply fresh and clean air from outside the room they ventilate while evacuating the stale air from inside the premises to the outside.


1. High energy efficiency heat exchanger with EC fans

Plastic heat exchangers with countercurrent hexagonal plates guarantee a thermal efficiency of up to 90%. The fans are self-powered with EC motors that save electricity and operate silently.

2. Carbon dioxide (CO2) control

The built-in carbon dioxide (CO2) sensor can automatically control the BSK Scholar 500 heat recovery unit. When a set CO2 level is reached in a classroom or office, the device speeds up and shuts down.

3. Metal casing with double walls and special dampers

The metal casing contains double walls and insulating material in the space of 25 mm between the panels, which ensures both a high thermal performance and low noise levels. There are also special silencers on both the intake and supply ports to ensure a quiet environment in classrooms and offices.

4. Free cooling

There are 3 dampers inside the unit, 2 dampers that block the entry of outside air when the fan is off and a damper for free cooling. Due to the passage pipe and the damper, at seasonal transitions (spring and autumn), that is, when the differences of indoor and outdoor temperatures are not significant, the BSK SCHOLAR 500 heat recovery units automatically switch to Free Cooling mode by opening the built-in vent. The air will circulate through this channel without passing through the heat exchanger, so that the ventilated space can cool down directly.

5. ModBus compatible

The BSK Scholar 500 ventilation unit uses the ModBus protocol to connect and communicate with the building management system and to report any malfunctions or periodic maintenance. The ventilation system can be monitored and controlled by a computer or a central system.

6. Filters

The unit uses a total of 3 filters and the air is filtered both at the inlet and outlet. The M5 filter is used at the air intake to filter dust and pollutants and protect the interior of the room. The G4 and F7 filters can stop particles down to 1 micron (0.001mm) and stop allergens, spores or pollen from outside air. In addition, when the filters are loaded with a certain amount of particles, the system issues a warning.





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