Programmable thermostat with Wifi and remote control NOVOSUN TH9

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The Novosun TH9 thermostat is suitable for controlling the temperature of infrared radiant panels, gas boilers and electric or water underfloor heating systems. The thermostat has a capacity of 16A and can control heating systems with a maximum power of 3.6 KW / 3600W.

Main Features:

- Very easy to install and use;

- Remote control with illuminated LCD screen that displays the set temperature, read temperature, date, time and mode of operation;

- "Lock" function - designed to prevent children from operating the remote control;

- RF Remote Control - Easy to install, can be positioned anywhere you want.

- App Control - A smart thermostat that can be controlled from your phone before you return home. (Application: Tuya, Smart life).

- Voice control - Works with Alexa and Google Home.

- Weekly Schedule - Supports full automatic schedules or manual setup.

- Memory function - Don't worry about power outages, the data is memorized when the power is interrupted.

- Family Sharing: Share devices with family members to control the temperature of your home via the smartphone app.

. Technical data – Remote control

- Batteries: DC 3V ( 2x 1.5V AAA )

- Consumption: 3V, 0.1mA

- Temperature adjustment range: 0℃~ 45℃, from 1℃ in the 1℃

- Temperature display range: 0℃~ 50℃, from 0.1℃ in the 0.1℃

- Temperature display accuracy: ±0.5℃

- Radio frequency 433.92MHz

. Technical data – Receiver

- Power supply: AC220-240V, 50/60 Hz

- Consumption: 0.2W

- Maximum electrical load: 3680W/16A

- Temperature setting range: 5~35℃

- Temperature display accuracy: ±0.5℃

- Thermostat dimensions: 143*56*23 mm

A single remote control can be programmed to work with several receivers at the same time, thus having the possibility to control several radiant panels installed in the same room with a single remote control.

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