Novosun plug-in programmable thermostat PH7 - 16A

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Ambient thermostats are specially designed to regulate the temperature you want and thus ensure the comfort you need in your home or office. Also, due to their high precision, thermostats play an important role in optimizing the operation of any heating system and thus save on the energy bill.

Our thermostats are compatible with all radiant panels and their installation is very simple, either on the wall for the thermostat version with installation on the panel's power cable, or by inserting the thermostat directly into the outlet for the thermostat socket version.

They can be simple, programmable digital or with WIFI (temperature control via mobile phone).

Product description

  • Programmable outlet for indoor use and thermostatically switchable.
  • Socket type E - earthing pin.
  • The socket is switched when the set temperature is reached.
  • 6 optional heating or cooling modes can be set.
  • Different settings can be made for the week and the weekend.
  • Equipped with a timer.
  • Manual/automatic setting mode.
  • Accuracy of temperature measurement: ± 1 °C.
  • Temperature setting range: 5-35 °C.
  • Power supply: 230 V/50 Hz, maximum load: 16 A, 3,680 W.
  • Check in advance the type of terminals on the electronic adapters and choose the appropriate type of socket.

Customer Reviews

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Sorin Mocanu

Termostatul este usor de configurat si ramane conectat cu router-ul si dupa eventuale pene de curent. Se pot conecta mai multe dispozitive pe un termostat.