Programmable outlet thermostat with remote control NOVOSUN TH7 - 16A

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The NovoSun TH7 outlet thermostat can be used with any type of electric heater with power supply at the outlet. The thermostat has a capacity of 16A and can control heating systems with a maximum power of 3.6 KW / 3600W. It is especially recommended for infrared radiant panels, oil radiators, convectors, resources, air heaters. It cannot be used for gas or wood boilers.

Main Features:

- Very easy to install and use;

- A remote control can be connected simultaneously to several socket receivers;

- Illuminated LCD screen displays the set temperature, read temperature, date, time and mode of operation;

- "Lock" function - designed to prevent children from operating the remote control;

- "Open window" function - interrupts the operation of the heating device when the temperature drops suddenly in the room;

- "Timer" function - allows the creation of a work/rest program;

- "Smart" function -

  1. represents an intelligent way of starting the heating that works as follows: 3 hours before the set time for starting, the thermostat will calculate the temperature difference between the set temperature and the measured one, and decide how long before the set time, to start the heating in so that at the start of the program the requested temperature is already reached.


  1. If the user wants the SMART mode to work properly, then it must be taken into account that the total heating power is correctly sized for the space to be heated and that the room has a good degree of insulation.
  2. For the efficient use of the SMART mode, it is not recommended to set an internal temperature higher than 22 degrees C.

. Technical data – Remote control

- Batteries: DC 3V ( 2x 1.5V AAA )

- Consumption: 3V, 0.1mA

- Temperature adjustment range: 0℃~ 45℃, from 1℃ in the 1℃

- Temperature display range: 0℃~ 50℃, from 0.1℃ in the 0.1℃

- Temperature display accuracy: ±0.5℃

- Hysteresis 0.5 degrees 

- Radio frequency 433.92MHz

- Temperature display in degrees  /

- Hysteresis 0.5 degrees 

. Technical data – Receiver with plug

- Power supply: AC220-240V, 50/60 Hz

- Consumption: 0.2W

- Maximum electrical load: 3680W/16A

A single remote control can be programmed to work with several receivers at the same time, thus having the possibility to control several radiant panels installed in the same room with a single remote control.

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    Costel Gusteritean

    Excelent pt ce aveam nevoie. Temperatura este menținută constantă.

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